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What happens in my first session?

​Making the decision to seek help can sometimes have taken a lot of effort and emotional energy and should be commended.


Once you have found a suitable counsellor that meets your needs and you have your first appointment booked you may find yourself wondering what your first session will be like. 

At Auxilium Counselling Services I work to make sure that my clients are at the centre of my work. I spend a portion of the first session understanding what has brought a client to counselling, as well as understanding any symptoms that are being experienced.


During the first and subsequent sessions I work to build a trusting relationship so my clients feel safe and confident discussing their worries and feelings.

As part of my practice it is important to understand the boundaries of the therapeutic relationship so a portion of time is dedicated to agreeing a working contract which includes elements of ethical practice.

It is important to feel safe asking questions without the worry of being judged. In the first session there are lots of opportunities for questions to be asked and therefore confidence in this is developed.