Counselling for depression

Talking therapies are widely acknowledged to be an important part of the programme of treatment for depression.

Depression is more than just feeling down for a days, it is recognised as being persistently sad for weeks or even months. It is not a sign of weakness nor is it something that people can just 'snap out of'.

Psychological symptoms

The psychological symptoms of depression include:

  • continuous low mood or sadness

  • feeling hopeless and helpless

  • feeling tearful

  • feeling guilt-ridden

  • having no motivation or interest in things

  • finding it difficult to make decisions

  • not getting any enjoyment out of life

  • feeling anxious or worried 

  • having suicidal thoughts or thoughts of harming yourself

Physical symptoms

The physical symptoms of depression include:

  • changes in appetite or weight (usually decreased, but sometimes increased) 

  • lack of energy

  • low sex drive (loss of libido)

  • disturbed sleep – for example, finding it difficult to fall asleep at night or waking up very early in the morning

Due to Covid-19 I am now offering online video counselling sessions. These are available to new and existing clients.

When businesses are able to offer face to face services again, I will be providing all clients with a PPE face shield to use at each session until such time as the pandemic risk has been suitably lowered. 

Please get in touch for more information.